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Certificate Program

A Certificate Program is a group of related courses, workshops or micro-credentials in a specific area of study. If the student successfully completes the required core and elective courses within the program, they will earn the credential associated with it. Credentials include: Certificate of AchievementCertificate of Participation, and Certificate of Completion.

Course or Workshop

Continuing education courses or workshops are classes that can run an hour, a day or a full academic semester. They offer participants an opportunity to achieve personal or professional growth in a particular skill or subject area. Courses or workshops in a related area of study may be grouped together as part of a "Certificate Program". When all courses are successfully completed, the participant can earn a credential such as a Certificate of AchievementCertificate of Participation, or Certificate of Completion.

Micro-Credential (Digital Badge)

Micro-Credentials can be earned through completing specific skill/competency or a group of skills/competencies. Upon successful completion of a Micro-Credential, the student will earn a digital badge. Digital Badges can be stacked to achieve larger credentials that represent a more complex suite of skills or competencies such as Certificate of AchievementCertificate of ParticipationCertificate of Completion or Diplomas.