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For most courses, a student needs to be 19 or older or have a Grade 12 diploma, though for many general interest courses, this qualification does not apply. Some courses have additional requirements, co-requisites and prerequisites which must be met and are listed with the course description. As all Humber courses are delivered in English, students should also have the ability to read, speak and comprehend English in order to ensure success. Some courses are offered specifically for youth and children.

Prerequisites and Prior Learning
A prerequisite is a course (or other qualification) required as preparation for entry to a specific course. If a student considers that they have equivalent educational background or experience through work, volunteer, or other life experiences, they may request a transfer credit from the Office of the Registrar. Visit Transfer Options for more information.


Humber Credentials
Your username uniquely identifies you at Humber and is needed to access various technical services. If you have never taken a course before, you will be assigned a username during the online registration process. See Registration Guide. Please contact the I.T. Support Centre if you do not know your username or your password.

MyHumber is Humber’s student record system where you will be able to access your records. You’ll be able to is print your timetable, access your tax information, review your academic progress, apply to graduate or to confirm your program of study. Login to MyHumber >

Accessing online courses through Blackboard
Students typically gain access to their online courses about two to three days before the course start date. If you register after the course has started, you will  have access within 24 hours after you complete your registration. If you register on a Friday, you will get access the following Monday. If your course is offered on Humber Blackboard, you can access your course materials by logging in to, using your Humber username and password (the same credentials used to access Humber workstations, e-mail and wireless services). For more information regarding the various learning platforms that online courses are offered on, please visit the Open Learning Centre.


Fees for courses are shown online once you select your course. Fees do not include the cost of textbooks and/or supplies unless the course listing specifically states that all books and materials are included in the fee. Visit the Humber Bookstore for information on textbooks and supplies.

Non-Canadian residents will be charged a premium fee for courses.

Fees for all courses include a $2.06 per hour incidental (mandatory non-tuition) fee. This fee is subject to annual reviews and approvals by the Humber Students' Federation and the Board of Governors.

If HST applies to the course, it is part of the advertised fee. Humber’s business number is 107497273-RT0001.

Payment Methods
Humber has a variety of payment methods.

Generally $25 of the fee is non-refundable unless Humber cancels the course. However, some courses have unique refund policies. To request a refund, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Full refunds will be granted only when Humber cancels a course. If your course is cancelled, you may transfer to another course or request a refund. Refunds are not issued for cancelled courses automatically, as many students prefer to transfer. Please contact us to tell us how you would like us to proceed. If we do not hear from you, we will process a full refund of fees one month after the start of the course.

Where payment was made by Visa or MasterCard, a credit will be made to the credit card that was used.

Withdrawing from a course
Students wishing to withdraw from a continuing education course need to withdraw one full business day before the second class takes place. Kindly note, that drop dates may vary depending on the course and we recommend contacting the School/Department that delivers the course for accurate information. Instructions on withdrawing from a course.

Income Tax Receipts
T2202A tuition tax receipts are available online through MyHumber. For courses taken and completed between January 1 and December 31, receipts will be available online by February 28 of the following year.

Receipts are issued only when the total tuition fees for the tax period exceed $100. This is to comply with Section 118.5(1) of the Income Tax Act, which excludes the tuition credit for tuition fees less than or equal to $100 per institution.

Your fee will include a campus service fee that covers operational costs.


Academy Integrity
Humber is one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions and polytechnic education providers. The college is committed to student success through excellence in teaching and learning and to ensuring a quality integrity-based academic learning environment.

In achieving our mission of developing broadly educated, highly skilled and adaptable citizens to be successful in their careers and difference-makers in their communities, we focus on six core values, including: excellence, inclusion, innovation, respect, sustainability and being student-centered.

In addition to our values, as an institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship, we aim to provide a learning environment in which students, faculty and staff contribute to student success and positive academic outcomes. We do so through a culture that values academic integrity.

As a Humber student you will be part of a learning community that is committed to the value of academic integrity which include honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage.

Policies and Procedures
For complete details of Humber’s institutional policies and procedures that support Humber’s vision, mission, values and strategic goals, view Humber Policies.

For notification of disclosure of personal information, visit Notification of Disclosure of Personal Information.