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Step-by-Step Guide to CE Online Registration


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We recommend using the latest version of Firefox to register, though the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari (Mac users) will also work.

We also recommend a cup of tea and a little bit of patience while we continue to work on our registration and payment system. If you require help during the process, do not hesitate to call the Office of the Registrar at 416-675-3111.


Registration steps 1-4

  1. Find your course by selecting PROGRAMS & COURSES from MyHumber. Choose either Continuing Education or Online Learning. Then choose if you would like to search for CE Programs/Certificates or CE Courses/Workshops.
  2. Once you select a course, a drawer will open and reveal the HOW TO REGISTER box.
  3. Select a Start Date to reveal available dates and course details.
  4. Select Register to proceed with your course registration.

Registration step 5

  1. You are now on the Course Schedule page displaying details of the course you selected. Click the Register button to continue.

Registration step 6

  1. You will be prompted to Create New Account, or to Sign In if you already have an account.
    1. If you select Sign In:

Sign in with your corporate id

When you see the “Sign in with your corporate ID”, click Humber.

enter your username followed by ‘

The Sign in page will display. You need to enter your username followed by ‘ For example, enter and click Next.

enter your username and password

Another Sign in page will display. On this page, enter your username (example N12345678) and your password and click Sign in.

Registration step 6

  1. If you select Create New Account, you will be taken to the Check Email Availability page where you will be required to enter your email. If your email does not already exist with Humber, you will enter a One Time Password emailed to you and then select Validate. You can now enter your Personal Information and select Submit. Further instructions will be provided.
  2. If you have difficulty with your sign in credentials, visit our IT Support Centre for assistance.

Registration step 7

  1. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be returned to the Course Schedule page. Select Register and you be taken to the Cart page providing you a Status and the Course Fee for the course. Select Register to continue.

Registration step 8

  1. The Registration Disclosure page is displayed. Please read carefully and once you have scrolled to the bottom you can select Register.

Registration step 9

  1. You are now on the Payment Options page where you can select which payment option.
    1. If you select Credit Card, you will move forward through the Payment gateway into the Payment System where you can complete the transaction online.
    2. If you select Pay through your bank, a Course Fee will be charged to your Humber account for payment to be made by online banking. For more information on payments, you can go to the Payment Options page.

Registration step 10

  1. You will now see your Final Invoice. Please keep a copy for your record keeping. A Verification of Registration will be emailed to you.

Registration step 11

  1. If you signed in to a view a different course, you can select Invoices on the top banner strip to view previous Invoices.

If you experience any issues with your registration, please call our Contact Centre at 416-675-5005.