Dr. Paul Hawkins graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Manitoba in 1981. He is a Fellow of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and holds the Certificate of Special Competence in Emergency Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  Hawkins has practiced emergency medicine for the past 25 years in the Department of Emergency Services at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, a University of Toronto teaching facility. He is active in administration, with a special interest in multi- professional, multi-disciplinary education, for which he has won several awards. He is a dynamic leader, instructor and mentor with a successful track record of leading-edge clinical and administrative program creation within emergency medicine generally and physician assistants specifically. 

Hawkins is the founding Director and present Co-Director of the Emergency Services Physician Assistant Program at Sunnybrook. Hawkins has extensive leadership experience, encompassing clinical, administrative, and academic perspectives in the creation of the physician assistant role at the hospital and provincial level.  He is the Assistant Dean at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Physician Assistant Education Program at McMaster University.

Hawkins is an Adjunct Professor, Director, and one of the founding partners of the Humber – Sunnybrook Advanced Life Support Educators Program. This multi-institutional and collaborative program consists of approximately 100 educators and actors who provide over 70 critical care courses annually, and has successfully earned a reputation for excellence in adult cardiac, pediatric and traumatic emergencies.