Michele McKenzie is President and CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), and has worked in Canada’s tourism sector for 30 years. She is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of hospitality, tourism and marketing. Her initial involvement with CTC began in 2001 when she was appointed as a member of Board of Directors. Michele was appointed President and CEO of the CTC in January 2004. She has guided the evolution of the CTC from its origins as a newly formed crown corporation, to a respected, professional and competitive brand marketing organization. Canada was named number 1 and number 2 country brand in FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index (rising from number 12 in 2006) and CTC was named Marketer of the Year by Marketing Magazine, a first for a company based in western Canada.

Michele founded, and remains active in the CEO Best Practice Forum, a collaborative undertaking involving the CEOs of the world’s leading national tourism organizations. The winner of several awards for management excellence, Michele recently accepted on behalf of CTC the Canadian Government Executive magazine’s 2013 Leading Management Change Award for exceptional leadership in management practices in strategic planning.

Prior to her CTC appointment, the Dalhousie University graduate was Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage for the Province of Nova Scotia. Michele has held positions on a number of boards and currently sits on the Board of the Vancouver Community College Foundation and Board of the Christian Children's Fund of Canada, a member of Child Fund Alliance.