Terry Mundell was appointed President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Hotel Association (GTHA) in January 2007. The GTHA is the largest city hotel association in Canada, with 170 members, representing approximately 36,000 guest rooms and 32,000 employees. During his tenure with the GTHA, Mr. Mundell has played an active role representing the hotel industry to all levels of government on issues of public policy to raise the profile of the hotel sector as a vital economic contributor to the Greater Toronto Area's, Ontario's and Canada's economy.

Mr. Mundell has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors, and has served on numerous national and provincial Boards of Directors, task forces and committees including Tourism Toronto, the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association, the Hotel Association of Canada, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and the Business Tax Review Panel. He served two terms as President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, acted as the municipal lead in the $13B provincial municipal role realignment, and spent 17 years in municipal politics. His private sector experience was gained by directing and managing the activities of a fourth generation, family-owned retail business.

Terry Mundell has contributed to Humber College directly. His organization funded the development and three year delivery of our $100,000 Leadership Training Program, which funnels successful Humber graduates into the industry and helps them achieve higher management positions. He has also provided Humber students with internships, placements and learning opportunities over the years. Mr. Mundell has ensured that future hotel professionals are supported and funded throughout their education by sponsoring Humber Hotel Management awards and scholarships through the GTHA.

Mr. Mundell has contributed to the hospitality industry and community in many ways - one notable contribution is the Spirit Awards, which recognize the hard work, good working relationships, customer service and reliability of non-management employees in the hotel industry. This award serves to motivate and express gratitude for everyone who contributes to the industry, regardless of status.

His life's work has bridged the gap between hospitality/tourism and the growth of the Canadian economy, and has succeeded in raising the profile of related careers for generations to come.