Principles of Anthropology

Course Code: ANTH 1000

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Why do people in different cultures think and act differently than we do? Why do different cultures have such divergent economic systems and ways of life? Why do some cultures seem to embrace "modern development" while others resist? Why do people engage in practices that seem, to Western eyes, unfair or violent? How are consumerism and the global economy reshaping cultural forms and beliefs? This course will seek to answer these questions from the perspective of cultural anthropology. Recognizing the intrinsic value of different cultural traditions and worldviews, we examine people across nations and cultures, their socialization and the impact of overarching forces, such as globalization, war, ethnic conflict, and nationalism. We ask: how do gender, social class, caste, race, age, shape people's lives and the decisions they make? The course exposes students to research methodologies that seek to explore and analyze the human condition. Lastly, the course provides a focus on analyzing various forms of "development" and how they intersect with the impact of an integrating, global economic, political and cultural order.Category and Level: Society, Culture and Commerce, Lower LevelRestrictions: None