Business Computer Applications

Course Code: BISM 200

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course is designed to expand students' knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2013 and to introduce them to Microsoft Access 2013, knowledge that is in great demand by many employers. This course takes students beyond the creation of a basic spreadsheet in Excel to advanced data analysis levels. The combination with the Access database prepares students to pursue a new career or to get ahead in their existing one. In this course, students will learn how to use Excel and Access to analyze data and, by using the results, will learn how to make executive decisions based on the data. Students will also go beyond creating a basic database, and they will learn how to create professional reports and forms to support effective business communication with internal and external clients in a rapidly changing environment.Please note that students who choose to take an online section of this course must write the final exam in person, at either the Humber North or Lakeshore campus, or, if located more than 100km from the campus, through an approved proctoring facility. Any costs associated with this are the sole responsibility of the student.