Computer and Network Security

Course Code: CPAN 356

Academic Year: 2022-2023

In today's rapidly changing world and reliance on technology, organizations are faced with threats and vulnerabilities that require a security response. This course will introduce students to cybercrime and the basic knowledge of the most current trends and issues related to computer, network, and web security and the investigative and technical skills required to deal with these threats. Topics covered include cryptographic tools and algorithms, authentication and access control schemes and protocols, hacker techniques and motivation, security policy and recovery, firewalls, public key infrastructure, security standards and protocols, virtual private networks, and wireless network security. Students also explore privacy, legal issues and ethics in context of network security. Students will be introduced to use a variety of tools and systems that can be used in security assessment, intrusion detection, information protection, digital forensics and system recovery. The course includes theoretical as well as hands-on components.