Understanding Diversity: The World in Canada

Course Code: CULT 229

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Canada, in the twenty-first century, is experiencing profound and unprecedented transformations and challenges in its economic, social, political and cultural realms. In our diverse and multicultural society, we are constantly being bombarded with new and conflicting information as we try to make informed and rational decisions in our daily lives. This course will provide students with the methodological, theoretical and research tools and skills necessary to critically analyze information, data and human behaviour at both the individual (micro) and institutional (macro) levels of Canadian society. Students will be encouraged to ask relevant and probing questions in order to better understand the global impact on our contemporary and diverse society. A flourishing democracy and dynamic civil society needs engaged citizens who have a global perspective, who participate in the electoral process, and who are critical consumers and active participants in their local communities. Note: Students who have taken: BEH. 002 Surveying Society, cannot take this course. Credit for SOCI 029 will be granted for those students who took BEH.002 when working towards a certificate.