Real Life Economics

Course Code: ECON 150

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Understanding the importance and impact of today's economic issues on everyday life is a powerful asset in our rapidly changing world. This introductory course will focus on the basic elements of macro and microeconomics, their inter-relationships and the importance they have to issues in daily life. An emphasis on explaining, analyzing and applying key concepts will lead to better informed viewpoints about today's economic issues. Students will study basic economic principles, such as inflation, unemployment and changes to our standard of living, and how they relate to major economic issues in our society. An exploration of government regulations and programs, free-market systems and international trade represent other areas of study which, when explored, will generate a better understanding of their importance and relationship to our economy and lifestyles.RESTRICTION:Students who take BECN 150 Microeconomics, or BECN 200 Macroeconomics, or BPGM 230 Microeconomics, or BPGM 251 Macroeconomics, or BECN 110 - Economics: Financial Services CANNOT take this course.