Feature Film 2

Course Code: FMTV 366

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This is designed to guide students in the development a complete feature film package, including a final draft screenplay, a director's treatment, a marketing plan, a budget and financial plan, a schedule, a creative team and cast list rationale, and research materials. The materials will be revised over the two-semester course and ready to be pitched and presented to industry upon completion. In the winter semester, students will continue to write their feature film screenplays to a first draft followed by a re-write for a final draft. Throughout this time, students will be delving into the business and production side of feature film development. Students will create a comprehensive marketing plan - determining the target markets and distribution plan for their production. Students will also draft a financial plan, including a rationale for all funding options, complemented by a preliminary production budget top sheet. Several expert guest speakers will help guide the students and their projects in the various areas. Students will complete the semester with a final packaging phase, presenting their project through a password-protected website, a one-sheet, and a video pitch. The final presentation of these elements will be in the form of a live pitch to a panel of industry professionals, including financiers, casting directors and executive producers.