History of Popular Music

Course Code: HIST 1042

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course examines a huge, rich and varied body of music. While we are loosely examining so-called "popular music," we look at earlier musical movements, ideas and history in order to contextualize our studies. Further, because the definition of popular music has changed over the years, we take an inclusive approach here, examining blues, hip hop, rap, trip hop, ska, reggae, disco, funk, folk, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, grunge, soul, R&B, house, acid jazz and mashup styles, to name but a few. Therefore, History of Popular Music is less about one musical style and more about an ever-changing definition of "pop" as mediated by corporate radio and recordings, cultural taste and fashion and a host of other social, political, musical, cultural and aesthetic considerations. Accordingly, in this class we look at, discuss and listen to music while touching upon many other issues. This music will provide a portal through which we can examine history, sociology, race relations, corporate involvement in the arts and many other exciting topics.Category and Level: Arts and Humanities, Lower LevelRestrictions: Bachelor of Music students are restricted from taking this course as a breadth elective.