Art Matters: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art

Course Code: HUMA 137

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Consider for a minute the amount of time, effort and money we put into the creation, acquisition and enjoyment of art. From art shows to advertisements, from the great works of literature to television sit-coms, art has a hold on us. Yet while it has this pull on our imagination, our emotions and our wallets, when we are asked what art is or when we are challenged to explain this power art has over us, we are left speechless.This course provides an opportunity to explore these issues as we consider the relationship between art and emotion, reflect on the nature of beauty, consider the power of the imagination, attempt to solve the mystery of art theft and debate whether artworks should be censored. Through an introduction to the key issues in the philosophy of art, students will be challenged to consider just why art matters.