Extraterrestrial Life: A Multidisciplinary Debate

Course Code: HUMA 2020

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Are we alone in the universe? Is it possible that Earth is the only planet harbouring life in this vast, ancient universe? Could we have we already been visited by extraterrestrials? Do any of the beliefs of UFO cults withstand the scrutiny of science? This course considers answers to these and many other common questions about extraterrestrial life. Throughout the course, students learn how our modern view of extraterrestrials, as portrayed in science fiction, movies and TV shows, is a product of centuries of speculation about the existence and nature of aliens. Students explore the topic of extraterrestrial life from different perspectives including historical, religious, scientific, psychological, sociological and cultural aspects. The course culminates in an overview of the latest scientific developments in the search for Earth-like planets and the possibility of life beyond Earth.