Popular Music Arranging Techniques 1

Course Code: MEL 3084

Academic Year: 2023-2024

In this course students learn the necessary skills to write and orchestrate in diverse contemporary music styles for ensembles consisting of a rhythm section, lead vocal, and up to three background vocalists. Through interactive learning, transcription and analysis of exemplary stylistic models, arranging assignments, music programming and notation using industry-standard software, and faculty and peer critiques of their work, students gain the ability to arrange in a broad range of contemporary popular music styles. Students develop an understanding of harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and timbral aspects of - and the ability to arrange in - genres including pop-rock, soul, R&B, funk, related styles. Timbres, functions and stylistic features of rhythm section instruments (electric and acoustic bass, drum set, auxiliary percussion, piano, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars) and vocals (lead and background) are also examined. In the final project of the semester, students apply this knowledge to the creation of an original arrangement of an existing piece of music.