Strategic Portfolio Management

Course Code: PMPG 5555

Academic Year: 2022-2023

The objective of the course to examine the alignment between projects and organizational/ business strategy and to illustrate how projects, as vehicles of transformational change, can help an organization to achieve its strategic priorities. Students will be exposed to best practice tools and processes to aid in the development of organizational strategy and to lead strategy execution. 1.Describe the concept of strategic business management, from a company's vision, mission and strategic priorities to its project portfolio level strategy2.Understand the alignment between the organizational strategy and portfolio/programs/projects and determine how they impact, influence and contribute to the achievement of organizational strategy3.Understand how to leverage projects to achieve organizational strategy4.Apply portfolio management and other strategy development tools in decision-making5.Understand people change management and its impact on organizational strategy and project results6.Develop and implement a change management strategy and understand how to lead change in a dynamic and competitive environment7.Apply performance metrics to achieve project/portfolio results8.Develop a benefit realization process that aligns project results to organizational strategic prioritiesComing Soon!