Qualitative Research Methods

Course Code: RSMT 2500

Academic Year: 2023-2024

The purpose of this course is to equip students with a knowledge and understanding of key concepts and methodologies associated with qualitative data analysis and research design in the social sciences. The course will begin by defining what constitutes qualitative research and what distinguishes it from quantitative research. Students will learn how qualitative research studies are designed, why a particular research methodology is chosen and how that methodology is then carried out. Several research designs within qualitative research methodologies will be presented. Students will be introduced to methods such as ethnography, participant observation, interviewing and focus groups. In addition to covering ethical protocol in research, the course will investigate the interpretation of results, the writing up of findings and effective communication of data. In providing students with some background in how research is conducted and presented, the course will offer students the skills to think critically about research results that are presented to them in their coursework and in the media. Students will understand how qualitative research can provide important insights into problems or needs within a community or client populations, patterns of service delivery, consumer satisfaction and public opinion.Students who have taken STAT 201 Research Methods cannot take this course.Category and Level: Society, Culture and Commerce, Lower LevelRestrictions: Bachelor of Social Science - Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of International Development and Bachelor of Behaviourial Science students are restricted from taking this course as a breadth elective. Students who have taken STAT 201 - Research Methods cannot take this course.