Science and Pseudoscience

Course Code: SCIE 2200

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Science permeates our lives with indispensable technologies, cures, and discoveries-both subtle and profound. Our understanding of the natural world has never been greater, yet, paradoxically, distrust of science is growing and scientific ideas are intermingled with myths or distorted into bad science. Strangely, one of scientific technology's most conspicuous successes, the internet, is the greatest source of dangerous misinformation. Students explore the extraordinary claims made in the name of science and analyze them using the guiding principles of the Scientific Method. From astrology and numerology to paranormal phenomena and UFOs, students distinguish between science and pseudoscience and test paradigms, challenge hoaxes and myths, and discover if there really is anything to all those claims on the fringes of science. Without a doubt, weird things are out there, but this course helps us to find out which ones are real.