Climate Resilience: Adapting to Climate Change

Course Code: SCIE 3500

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Planning for the future is both exciting and daunting when we face the challenges of climate change. Planning, for all sectors of society, can enable us to make wise choices, deal with the challenges, seize new opportunities and increase personal, economic, and social resilience. This course examines climate change and how various aspects of society must adapt to the new challenges. It looks at many characteristics of human life from the technological to social and will rely on current information and case studies. It takes a broad look at the changes ahead and how students can engage with change positively and innovate for the future on specific issues, especially those that pertain to students' own study areas, to increase resilience. Students will research, propose and create solutions to the problems and challenges posed by the very real future ahead of them. Note: Students will benefit by completing a Lower Level course in the Science & Technology category before enrolling in this Upper Level course.