Living in a Consumer Society

Course Code: SOCI 3000

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course analyses the consumption of goods and services that is both the driver of our economy and a daily personal activity. Patterns of consumption vary according to class, ethnicity, and gender, and this course examines these differences in detail. The possibility of resistance to prevailing trends and the question of ecological constraints on consumption are probed as alternatives to the dominant mythology of the market. The growth of consumer culture is examined from a variety of classical and contemporary perspectives, including thinkers such as Marx, Weber, Veblen, Simmel, Adorno, Galbraith, and Bourdieu.Category and Level: Society, Culture and Commerce, Upper LevelRestrictions: Bachelor of International Development students are restricted from taking this course as a breadth elective.Note: Students benefit from taking a lower level course in the Society, Culture and Commerce category prior to enrolling in this upper level course.