Service Quality Management

Course Code: TOUR 3530

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Students explore customer service as a key function for the success of organizations and service quality concepts, principles and practices through which hospitality and tourism service oriented businesses operate. They identify the essential knowledge, skills and systems required that define and support effective customer service. They examine theoretical models and practical tools and compare and contrast them as they are used by managers for planning and control in quality service delivery. Students also discover how to evaluate customer service potential and issues in a specific organizational context. The course is structured into functional areas that collectively serve as the foundation of service management, with specific emphasis placed on the distinct needs and challenges of service organizations in hospitality-tourism. These areas include the nature and role of services within the overall economy, noting customer quality as central within service delivery, understanding the travel customer experience and customers' specific service needs and wants and, finally, designing and implementing suitable service systems within organizations.