English for Peer Tutors

Course Code

WRIT 214

Academic Year


COMM 303 is designed for students who wish to work as peer tutors in English, offering individual writing assistance to their fellow students. Tutors in English have an interest in writing and the writing process and in helping other people. Students will work toward two goals: to improve their own writing and to learn the various approaches and strategies of effective tutoring. A key component of the COMM 303 course involves doing a weekly one-hour practicum in the Writing Centre. Furthermore, students will be asked to apply what they learn about writing and tutoring, both in class with their fellow students and out of class in tutoring sessions. Students enrolled in COMM 303 may be considered for peer tutoring employment by the Peer Tutoring Program and would be paid accordingly for their services. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply to work as tutors in the Peer Tutoring Program and in the Writing Centre.