Writing Skills: FSE and RPN

Course Code

WRIT 121

Academic Year


Writing Skills for Funeral Service Education and Registered Practical Nursing students requires students to become familiar with the fundamentals of analytical reading and writing, both in academia and in the workplace. Students will learn to communicate clearly, accurately, and objectively about relevant vocational subjects and support the application of these skills in all program areas. WRIT 121 introduces students to the strategies of effective essay writing, job search writing and critical reading and thinking. Students will learn to apply these skills to vocationally relevant assignments, with a special emphasis on persuasive communication skills. Students will learn how to select and organize pertinent information according to purpose and audience and will practise presenting their ideas clearly, precisely and effectively in various written formats. To complete WRIT 121 successfully, students must produce writing that meets or surpasses the minimum departmental standards as set out in the attached criterion sheets.