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IV Therapy/Phlebotomy

Course Code: POST 128

I.V. Therapy/Phlebotomy (Part A): This course is designed to assist the RN/RPN in developing skills required to draw blood samples for laboratory testing, initiate I.V. therapy, and provide care for patients with intravenous access. The student will handle appropriate equipment for I.V. initiation and phlebotomy and be introduced to blood chemistry and haematology. Advanced I.V. Therapy (Part B): This section provides the RN/RPN with a comprehensive overview of nursing care for patients receiving intravenous therapy via short and long-term central venous access devices including implanted vascular access devices. Familiarization with equipment and an opportunity to practice the necessary skills to care for patients with access devices is provided in a laboratory setting. Students will be introduced to the principles, nursing implications and patient care management associated with both peripheral and central line access to Total Parenteral Nutrition. Additionally, students will be given an overview of blood transfusion, pain management and administration, safe handling and administration of chemotherapy, and how to safely administer intravenous direct medications. Ample time will be provided for students to practice these skills. Patient and family education is emphasized throughout the course.

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