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Commercial Driver Training Class G to AZ Tractor Trailer

Certificate of Completion | 85411


The Commercial Driver Training Class G to AZ Tractor Trailer Program is OSAP Eligible


Learners enrolled in an Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) approved micro-credential program can apply for financial assistance through OSAP for Micro-credentials. Eligible Learners must apply for funding by following the step-by-step application process. Applications for OSAP for Micro-credential assistance cannot overlap with another micro-credential study period (funding for multiple courses cannot be applied for concurrently).

Humber Learners are expected to pay fees in full. If learner is eligible for OSAP funding, the money will be deposited directly into the learner’s personal bank accounts. Note: Funding amounts (loans and grants) are determined by OSAP. This funding is capped at $5000 per learner with an additional $5 per study contact hour.


To be eligible for funding through the OSAP for Micro-credentials, you must meet the criteria below as well as certain residency and income requirements specified on the OSAP website:

· Registered in an OSAP-approved micro-credential

· Must be a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP program

· Previous OSAP loans must be in good standing (i.e., you have not defaulted on a student loan and/or you are not restricted from participating in financial aid programs)


Applying for OSAP funding for Humber micro-credential courses

  1. Confirm that the Humber micro-credential you want to take is OSAP-approved.
  2. Log in to your OSAP account. If this is your first time applying for OSAP, you may need to create an account.
  3. Select and complete the micro-credential OSAP application. You can only be funded for one micro-credential at a time through OSAP.
  4. The deadline to apply for OSAP is the last day of your micro-credential.
  5. Scan, upload, and submit all required supporting documentation to your OSAP application.
  6. Enrol into and pay for the micro-credential you wish to take (if you have not already done so). Please note that funding is sent directly to the learner by the National Student Loans Centre for Micro-Credentials. Payment for the micro-credential must be made at the time of registration.
  7. Once the course has started, we will confirm your enrolment and OSAP funds will be released to your bank account.
  8. A student cannot receive OSAP funding for a micro-credential study period if it overlaps with another one of their micro-credential study period in which they are concurrently receiving micro-credential OSAP funding. So, students can only receive micro-credential OSAP funding for one micro-credential at a time.

If you have any questions, please contact at or call 416-675-3111 option 4. (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm excluding holidays).

If you have questions about repayment, please contact the National Student Loans Service Centre for OSAP Micro-credentials program at 1-888-869-2896


Windmill Microlending for The Commercial Driver Training Class G to AZ Tractor Trailer Program

Windmill Microlending can provide up to $15,000 microloans for skilled immigrants and refugees to pay for their Canadian licensing or training to restart or continue their careers in Canada. Please use the link below for more information.

Windmill Microlending


Program Overview

This program exceeds the Ministry of Transportation training requirement.

Learn how to drive a tractor trailer and earn your Ontario AZ license in a program designed by experienced trucking professionals.

Humber College graduates of the AZ program have a 96% employment rate. The program provides the opportunity to work as a driver in a variety of settings:

  • Cross-Border
  • Long-Haul
  • Tank Hauling
  • Fuel Hauler
  • Flatbed
  • Heavy Haul
  • Dry Van
  • Shunt Trunk
  • LTL (Less than Load)

Transportation companies across the GTA look to Humber as a leading source of potential employees, with many sending current employees to Humber for Tractor-trailer training.

The Humber Transportation Training Center, ETS Building, 30 Carrier Drive, Toronto M9W 4T7.

At Humber, you learn from instructors who have years of experience in the field, with modern vehicles.

Learn everything you need to know about this high-demand career, including safety regulations, fuel-efficient driving, traffic, road management, and more.

The program consists of three components and takes seven weeks to complete.

  1. 'Z' Air Brake Endorsement - TRUK 121
    This course is scheduled over three days, two days of theory in the classroom with a 45-minute practical test by appointment on the third day.
  2. ‘A’ Tractor-Trailer Operator Theory - TRUK 150
    This 44-hour theory class examines topics that include but may not be limited to the following:
    • Highway Traffic Act and Regulations
    • Rules of the Road
    • Workplace Safety
    • Hours of Service
    • Log Book
    • Impaired Driving
    • Border Crossing
    • CVOR
  3. Tractor Trailer In-Vehicle Training - TRUK 101
    80 hours of in-cab training, Learners are trained in 2021 Kenworth T680 tandem axle tractors equipped with automatic transmission.

The full fee for the program is $10,299 (course and program fees may be subject to change).

A Humber Certificate of Completion will be issued after successfully completing the program.

All training and road tests are to be completed within 120 days of the initial program start date.


Registration and Payments

To register a non-refundable deposit of $645 is required to reserve your seat. In addition, $322 (refundable) for material fees will be charged at the point of registration.

Humber Transportation Learners are required to pay fees in full four weeks prior to the first day of class. If learners are unable to pay the full amount, they will forfeit the non-refundable deposit.

If learner is eligible for OSAP funding, the money will be deposited directly into the learner’s personal bank accounts. It is recommended that learners not depend on receiving funding as a decision point for entry into the program as funding amounts vary. Note: Funding amounts (loans and grants) are determined by OSAP. This funding is capped at $5000 per learner with an additional $5 per study contact hour.

Payments can be made with VISA, MasterCard via the Humber Learner Portal. For more information, please visit help 

Step 1: Driver's License and 'A' Knowledge Test

You Must meet the requirements below PRIOR to starting this program.

  • Hold a valid Ontario Class G license.

We RECOMMEND you meet the requirements below PRIOR to starting this program.

  • Have a minimum of 12 months of Canadian driving experience with a Class G2 or G license (not G1).
  • An understanding of English equivalent to an Ontario Grade 10 literacy level.
  • Pass a Ministry of Transportation driver's medical and visual examination.
  • Pass the 'A' Knowledge Test from the Ministry of Transportation.

Note: This program is not recommended for persons that have driven less than 20,000 kilometers in the province of Ontario during the past 12 months. Having less than this experience may result in your inability to meet the course objectives.

Driver's License?

Bring your Driver's License to every class, your instructor will ask to see it.

Remember you will need your CSA approved footwear for Air Brake class and In-Vehicle training.

Step 2: Submit Information and Register

  1. Submit your driver's license information here
  2. Select the Register button in Bundles at the bottom of the page to choose your courses and register.


  • No refund or transfers within three weeks of the start or during the program.
  • Requests to transfer must be made in writing and received no later than three weeks prior to the start of your program. Learners may transfer one time between courses.
  • Cancelling your program must be done three weeks prior to the start of the program. There is a $645 withholding fee to cancel.

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Transportation Training Centre at 416-675-6622 ext. 5802 or 72122 or


Please use this link to download General and Student Information




"Choosing to enrol at Humber College in their AZ Program was a wise decision. The program is the best in the industry and I am not alone in that sentiment. I now work for Kriska Transportation Group and am paired with a trainer for the mandatory four weeks. After only a few hundred miles on the road my trainer said, "I am seeing things from you that I haven't seen before from other trainees. You have received some excellent instruction at school." That's hearty praise both for Humber and for my instructors. If you are serious about becoming a professional driver, I heartily recommend you complete the program at Humber."

Pete Knoll

"My instructors were all professional, courteous, patient, encouraging and very clear as to what they expected of me in terms of my progression. I recommend this program to others based on the positive experience I had."

Rob B.

"I graduated from the Humber College AZ program in April 2006 after taking the course in preparation for a post-retirement career after many years in the computer technology industry. Since my graduation, I have had consistent work as an AZ driver."

Mile S.

"With all the effort I put in and with the help of the instructors, I got so much out of the program. I really wish it didn't have to end. You have really prepared me for the industry and I want to say thanks for everything."

Kasia S.

"I have wanted to drive a tractor trailer for a long time and my instructor made the experience a great one. He demonstrated that his concern for the safety of the public, the student and the operation of the tuck was his number one priority. I would highly recommend the Humber program to anyone considering a career in trucking."

Steve G.

"It was a great learning experience at Humber. This learning will be long lasting. My training at Humber is now complete but it is only the beginning of a lasting relationship. I will endeavour to keep in touch."

Syed Mahmud R.

"From my first contact at Humber College and throughout the course, I have had many great experiences and will carry these fond memories with me. I commend Humber College for having a wonderful team who do great work, and who also clearly enjoy their jobs and share their enthusiasm with others."

Patricia C.

"I just graduated from the AZ program and would like to thank you for offering such an amazing program to individuals like myself who wish to enter the transportation industry. The information and skills that I've acquired throughout the course have prepared me for a career as a commercial driver. My instructor not only provided great instruction to improve my driving skill but he also gave me an amazing insight on the transportation industry itself."

Louis C.



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