New Capital Project Request Process

To speed up the assessment and approval of Capital Project Requests a new process is being rolled out for all Capital Project Requests. 

Once launched Capital Projects will no longer be processed using the same form as your Maintenance and Service requests do in the Building Operations Console.

You will soon see a Request a Project link on your Archibus home page to be used exclusively for Capital Project Requests.

The table provided below will help you quickly determine if your request is a Capital Project or a Maintenance and Service Request. 

Capital Projects 
Maintenance and Service 
A unique and usually complex initiative designed to facilitate a strategic, departmental or organizational goal. 
A common request to install, repair, or change a standard component of the managed infrastructure.
Unique organizational goal, with a set start and end date. Capital Projects usually require moderate to great effort, design services, estimating, planning and procurement. Capital Projects require a FOAP.
These repeatable (Operational) tasks are usually performed by Facilities internal craftspeople and occur on an ongoing basis. Little to moderate effort is required to solve the issues and these repairs are usually performed free of charge.
Renovations to Offices and Labs
HVAC or Power upgrades
Interior design services
Furniture purchases
Requests for additional space
Requests to change the function of a space
Replacing light bulbs
Adjust room temperature
Cleaning / Recycling removal
Pest Control
Furniture repair
General Moving Services
How to Place a Request 
Use Archibus Request a Project 
 Use  Archibus Building OPS Console

To place a Capital Project Request right now Ready to request your project? follow this link:  CDFM-REQUEST A PROJECT- LINK COMING SOON 

Download the PDF Userguide : 

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