The Renovation Process

Getting Started

If you are planning a renovation project, or need to purchase office furniture, please notify Facilities Management in advance by submitting a service request.


The Renovation and Capital Works manager will review your service request and assign a Project Lead to your project. The Project Lead will:

  • Be your main point of contact for all aspects of the renovation project.
  • Meet with you to design and plan the space to be renovated, integrating accessibility into the planning process.
  • Recommend materials, finishes and furniture for the new space, ensuring that all products are safe for the intended use and meet Humber's quality standards.
  • Arrange for preliminary estimates to support any funding applications.
  • Ensure all codes, standards and regulatory requirements are met.


Once your project has been approved and funded, the Project Lead will work with your department or school to establish a project schedule.

Your department or school is responsible for:

  • Booking the room or space to be renovated out of the department or school schedule. The Renovation and Capital Works team does not take responsibility for this.
  • Checking with Central Scheduling at and/or Conference Services to ensure that they have not already booked the space and informing them that it will not be available for the duration of the renovation.

If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact Central Scheduling at and/or Conference Services directly to resolve the issue. The Planning & Corporate Services Project Lead will work with you to determine whether the project can proceed as planned or should be rescheduled.

Signage and Safety

  • If the renovation project will impact any public spaces at Humber, Facilities Management will post temporary signs about the closure and provide maps showing alternate routes.
  • Depending on the work being done, the contractor may also be required to hoard off and secure the site so that only authorized personnel can access it.

Design and Construction

Your Project Lead will implement the renovation and review progress with you. They will also:

  • Arrange for quotes from vendors.
  • Arrange for tenders and hire qualified contractors/trades people, if required (determined by the project size, complexity and scope).
  • Manage project scheduling.
  • Manage procurement for the project, placing orders, tracking shipments and following up with any concerns.
  • Oversee construction work, including installation of mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Bring the project to substantial completion.
  • Create a deficiency list. Ensure that all deficiencies are resolved and the terms and conditions of all contracts are met.


When the project is complete and has received your approval, the Project Lead will:

  • Conduct close-out procedures and ensure that all warranties have been received.
  • Sign off on the project.