Space Planning

Space planning is a critical element of any renovation or construction project. Humber is located in an urban setting with limited opportunities for expansion. As a result, space is a scarce and valuable resource on campus – and efficient space planning is a priority.

As we build and renew Humber’s learning environment, we are focused on:

  • Optimizing the functionality, use and comfort of existing spaces; and
  • Planning new spaces to control capital and operating costs, intensify utilization and maintain the flexibility to meet future programming and enrolment needs.

All space planning and allocation decisions are guided by:

  • The priorities outlined in Humber’s Strategic Plan [link to Strategic Plan] and Campus Development Plan.
  • The requirements of Humber’s Space Allocation Standards.
  • Space allocation benchmarks from peer institutions, using data from the Colleges Ontario Facilities Standards and Inventory (COFSI) framework.

Capital Development Supports Space Planning

The Capital Development team assists the Humber community in making effective decisions about the allocation and use of
space on campus. If you need to plan, estimate or cost space requirements for a new program or a construction project, we’re
here to help.

Our services include:

  • Maintaining current and accurate information on space allocation and utilization at Humber, as well as a space inventory database that includes as-built drawings.
  • Creating data sets and analytical tools to guide space allocations, including: Space audits, Space inventory , Space distribution and utilization studies, Space programs.
  • Advising on space planning and allocation to maximize the benefits of strategic projects and create exceptional educational experiences.
  • Designing physical layouts and floor plans that optimize space capacity and utilization.
  • Providing detailed functional space programs to support proposals for new programs