Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance team supports effective work and study by keeping campus buildings and infrastructure in good working order.

We are responsible for:

  • Repairing ceiling surfaces, such as ceiling and light lenses.
  • Repairing flooring including carpet, tile and other surfaces.
  • Replacing damaged windows and frames.
  • Repairing doors and their mechanical parts, with the exception of the lock cylinder.
  • Repairing wall surfaces, such as brick or drywall, and painting public areas to keep interiors looking attractive.
  • Repairing washroom items such as toilet paper and soap dispensers, stall enclosures, and air fresheners.
  • Installing, assembling, or repairing office items such as signage, engraving, wall mounts, furniture, and storage units.

The Building Maintenance team also provides support to Capital Development, particularly during the designing and commissioning of new buildings.