Highlights of Humber’s Core Cleaning Services

Daily and nightly

Campus washrooms are routinely cleaned 5-8 times a day and receive a thorough cleaning every night.

Once a Night

Classrooms, laboratories and other common areas, such as cafeterias, lounges and hallways, are cleaned.

Twice a Week

Office garbage is emptied.

Once a Week

  • Offices receive high and low dusting (i.e., filing cabinets are dusted providing there are no obstructions).
  • High traffic office areas are vacuumed or swept.
  • Classrooms and laboratories are fully vacuumed.

Once a Month

  • Offices are fully vacuumed.
  • Office carpets are spot cleaned.
  • Office walls and floors are spot cleaned.

Once a Year

  • Office carpets are steam cleaned.
  • Office ceiling diffusers, air vents, baseboards and the inside of windows are cleaned.

As Needed

Recycling bins are emptied.

Special Requests

  • Recycling bins will also be emptied upon special request
  • Areas not accessible to the custodial team for security or other reasons are cleaned only upon special request

Note: Cleaning office desktops is the responsibility of the individuals using the desks and computers. Free office cleaning kits are available at North Campus D134.

Extra cleaning services can be provided for an additional fee.

Submit a service request.