Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed a maintenance issue but it’s not in my department. Should I report it?

Yes. By reporting facilities and systems that need repair or maintenance, you are helping us keep the campus clean and safe. We always appreciate it when someone notifies us about issues that may need our attention.

How do I request services from Facilities Management?

We’ve streamlined our system to make it easier and more convenient for you to access our services. All you have to do is submit a service request and we’ll coordinate the services to get the job done.

How quickly will someone respond to my service request?

Facilities Management is committed to customer service and we respond to requests as soon as possible. Every service request is reviewed by Facilities Management to identify emergency and high-priority requests, which receive immediate attention. All other requests are acknowledged promptly and scheduled in a timely manner. To assist with our planning and scheduling, please include any time requirements in your service request and provide as much lead time as possible for us to coordinate the services you need.

How do I know what your services cost?

Facilities Management does not charge for regular building services, such as maintaining or repairing heating, cooling and utility systems. The services that do involve billable charges usually fall into three categories:

  1. Consumables: paper towels, keyboard wipes, etc.
  2. Moving: usually for event or meeting setups
  3. Extra Cleaning: any services beyond our regular contract, such as cleaning washrooms for an event.

Renovations and other projects will also result in billable charges. Once we receive a service request we will provide you with estimates for expected costs.