FAQs - Building and Plant Maintenance

Our building needs some repairs. Who will pay for it?

If the work involves a safety issue or a maintenance problem, Facilities Management will cover the cost of basic building services, such as heating, air conditioning, gas, water and electricity, and repairs for common areas, such as cafeterias, hallways and lounges. If the work goes beyond basic building services or involves spaces, such as laboratories, that belong to specific departments, the department requesting the work pays for it.

My office is cold, what can I do?

Put in a service request and we will have a technician come and look into the problem as soon as possible. Please do not use electric heaters. They will not fix the problem; they will only mask it and probably trip a breaker. Electric heaters also use a lot of electricity and are expensive for the College to operate.

How do I get my floors refinished or my windows washed? Is there a cost?

Submit a service request and we will provide an estimate for the work. Your department will be charged for any services that go beyond our regular building or custodial services.