FAQs - Renovations and Alterations

I’m planning a renovation in my department. Where should I submit my request?

The answer depends on the size, complexity and cost of your project. Renovation and Capital Works handles maintenance projects and most renovation and alteration projects valued up to approximately $1 million. Capital Development is responsible for large construction projects on campus, such as new buildings and highly complex additions or renovations. If you are not sure where your project belongs, start by submitting a service request to Facilities Management and we will re-direct you, if necessary.

I need a new office chair. Can I go to Staples and buy it myself?

No. All items of furniture, such as tables, desks, chairs and industrial shelving, must be purchased through Facilities Management. We have pre-qualified our vendors through a competitive process to ensure that all products meet Humber’s quality and safety standards. If you purchase an item from a non-approved vendor and the item is damaged or causes harm to someone at the College, Humber is liable for any associated costs.

Can someone meet with me before I submit my service request to help me understand what services I will need during my project?

Yes. You can contact Rebecca Muyal, Manager of the Renovations and Capital Works at ext. 5570. She will answer your questions, re-direct you to the appropriate person or engage someone to assist you with your project.

How do I know you can do the type of work we need done?

Facilities Management is responsible for all types of work needed on campus. Depending on our workload and the type of services that are required, we may hire outside contractors or trades people and will be responsible for overseeing their work.