Classroom renovation: K148 North Campus

The renovation of K148 transformed a drab and utilitarian classroom into a bright, engaging space that promotes technology-driven teaching methods, collaborative learning and group interactions for Health Sciences programs.

The multi-functional room was completely redesigned to support enhanced technological components, including high-quality LCD screens at each workstation. These interconnected screens offer the flexibility to display presentations, lecture notes and student work at any or all workstations in the room and include power and screen saving features that extend the life of each panel.

The eye-catching furniture adds a vibrant energy to the space and facilitates group work by colour-coding the workstations. Large, customized white boards were installed on every wall to optimize opportunities for multisensory, collaborative, hands-on learning. Freshly painted walls, new carpet and new insulation adds to the overall comfort and cleanliness of the room, making K148 one of Humber’s most popular classrooms.