Pre-2021 Collaborate Recordings to be DELETED!

Have you heard about the cleanup initiative for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra? On May 1st all Blackboard Collaborate recordings made prior to January 1, 2021 will be deleted.

Have recordings of guest speakers? Recorded some lectures you’d like to reuse or edit? Follow the steps below to determine what your next steps should be.

Decision Tree

For help with downloading Collaborate Ultra recordings, refer to Downloading Collaborate Ultra Recordings.

For help with uploading recordings to Panopto, refer to How to Upload your Collaborate Ultra Recordings to Panopto.

For help with uploading recordings to OneDrive, refer to Uploading Collaborate Ultra Recordings to OneDrive.

*Please DO NOT upload your recordings to Blackboard. To use video in Blackboard, we recommend that you upload the file to Panopto, Humber’s video streaming service, which is licensed for this purpose. After you add your video to Panopto, you can then share the link and/or embed the video into your course.