Recording your Synchronous Sessions

For step by step instructions on how to record sessions, see the Additional Resources at the bottom of this post. 

At Humber College all synchronous (live) class sessions must be recorded. Discussions of sensitive nature should not be recorded. Faculty can use their judgment to determine which discussions are of sensitive nature.

Recording your synchronous sessions is an excellent way to increase the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) quotient in your course. Being able to access recordings provides flexibility for learners who may have challenges attending or comprehending the content in your live lectures.

The following considerations and resources will help you get the most out of your recordings.

Before recording

  • Notify students that sessions will be recorded. Students must be notified in advance that a session will be recorded. We recommend posting a single announcement within Blackboard; however, notice can also be provided in a reasonable time before each session.

Suggested Announcement Wording:
To ensure an optimal learning experience for all students, all live sessions will be recorded, with the exception of 1-on-1 sessions and individual break-out rooms. While active discussion and video sharing is encouraged and supports the learning process, we acknowledge that some students may prefer to be excluded from the recordings. Within any given session, you have the choice to:
1. not share your webcam, and
2. not participate in verbal discussion; however anonymous chat participation may still be required.
If you prefer that your name is not saved when you make a comment in the chat, please let me know before the session so that I can “anonymize the chat”. Your name will still show up live, but will not be saved in the recording.

  • Check the settings in your web conferencing software for additional session settings. For example, in Collaborate Ultra you can enable profanity filters and anonymizing chats in recordings. For help with Collaborate features, refer to Modifying Session Settings in Collaborate Ultra. For other tools, please refer to the help resources for those tools.
  • Ensure you will be able to download the recording: If you want to download the recording as an MP4, you must select the option in the session settings before the session starts. This is essential if you plan to edit the recording, or add auto-captions to it in Panopto.

During recording

  • When you start recording in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, students see a visual indication that the session is being recorded. After you begin recording, faculty must start with the following statement:

“Hello everyone, before we begin, please know that this session is being recorded. Should you wish to remain anonymous in the recording, consider using the chat to participate.”

  • As your students become familiar with the process, faculty are welcome to shorten this notice and simply remind them that the session is being recorded.

After recording

Additional Considerations

  • Should a student request that their name be anonymized in the chat, consider anonymizing chats for the entire semester.

Additional Resources