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Carter - Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing

I was always focused on going to university. Despite not knowing what I wanted to do, my parents believed that the only option for success was a university degree. I was interested in business but also intrigued by law and trades. I didn’t know which route to take and was intimidated by large class sizes and theory-based learning, which most universities offered. I knew I had to make a decision that would determine the course of my life and was not prepared to make it. I ended up taking a victory lap in high school to ensure I was making an educated decision.

During my victory lap, I reached out to my high school’s guidance counsellor, hoping she would have all the answers. I enquired about the path I should take as I was interested in a variety of fields including psychology, business and criminology. She recognized that I am a hands-on learner and excelled in a community-focused environment. She recommended Humber College!

I researched the programs Humber offered and applied to the Business Management diploma program. It introduced me to the primary functions of business and established a strong foundation I could transfer later into a degree. I quickly learned I was horrible at accounting but enjoyed marketing. As a result, I was invited to compete in the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition. This was a chance for me to test my knowledge and compete against other students from colleges across Ontario. I competed in the sales category of prospect pitching, and over a weekend of competing, I placed third in the province, all the while falling in love with the marketing industry.

To carry on my experience at Humber and my interest in marketing I made the decision to transfer into the Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing program. I am currently enrolled in my third year of the program and looking forward to my upcoming 14-week internship. After graduation, I aspire to work business-to-business (B2B) sales. Working in B2B sales will give me the opportunity to express my marketing knowledge while traveling to new and exciting places and establishing strong connections in the industry. I am excited to work in B2B sales as a career because of the ambitious and fluctuating work environment!

Humber College has made a profound impression on my life and I couldn’t be happier! Through the ups and downs of my college experience, Humber has been with me every step of the way. The faculty and staff pushed me to be more and excel. It’s more than just an education, it’s a community I am happy and grateful to have been a part of.