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Jessica - Bachelor of Interior Design

Choosing a program was never a problem for me, but I had no idea where to start when selecting a college. I took some time off to save for school and research colleges and universities that offered interior design. Humber stood out the most for me, so I visited the campus right away. I came to Humber’s Open House and was so impressed with the services available to me, then I got to see the design building and I was hooked! What amazed me the most was how friendly and helpful the faculty, staff and students were. All the positive energy made me feel so welcomed; I knew right away that this was the school I wanted to go to.

I am now going into my fourth year of the Bachelor of Interior Design and I’ve loved every bit of it! The learning spaces in the Design Centre provide a collaborative atmosphere where we can have discussions with faculty, group meetings with other students, and presentation areas. The assignments have helped me build an accomplished portfolio as I’ve designed restaurants, corporate offices, houses, a dental office and even a hospital room! I still wake up excited to go to class every day because it’s so cool to see how my classmates interpret each assignment. I also had the opportunity to design a house for an actual client and my work won 2nd prize at the National Home Show!

Another great thing about my program is being able to see how my lessons in the classroom translate to the real world. I was hired to work at a furniture showroom for my internship and I learned so much about my industry. I started to master the art of client consultation. Working with clients and understanding how to manage expectations is a key part of my job as an interior designer and I’ve learned so much about how to build and maintain those relationships. As I go into my final year, I feel confident and eager to polish my skills. Graduation doesn’t seem as intimidating because I know I’m ready!

As if all of these amazing experiences weren’t enough, I was hired to be a Student Ambassador in my first year. I feel so honoured to be able to represent Humber and welcome new students just like I was welcomed by such incredible people when I first came here. This job also gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with future students and show them the supportive community that I feel so lucky to be a part of.

jessica - student ambassador