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Watch these videos to learn more about Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

canadian flags

toronto street

cn tower

Over six million Canadians call the Greater Toronto Area home. Toronto is the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet: over 140 languages are spoken. It's estimated that over half of Toronto's residents were born outside Canada, and despite its complex makeup, the city’s motto is “Diversity is our Strength”. Toronto prides itself on its wide range of cultures, food and arts. In the summer Toronto is a blast: a vibrant, big-time city abuzz with activity. Some of the world's finest restaurants are found here, alongside eclectic festivals, world-class sports, and the centre for technology, entertainment and business in Canada.

Summer in Toronto is at its warmest in July and August, with daytime temperatures averaging above 20°C and frequently rising above 30°C. Click on the links to learn more about where you’ll be studying this summer!