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Designing for Learning in Digital Environments

Orientation – July 5, 2021
Course – July 6 – 23, 2021


With the Designing for Learning in Digital Environments Course, The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a customized intensive professional development program for instructors and administrators who are responsible for incorporating digital technologies into their courses and teaching fully, or partly online. This course will also be of benefit to anyone who is involved with knowledge building in their organization. This fully online course will focus on the way emerging digital technologies can be applied to support student interaction with learning content, the instructor, and their peers through the principles of networked learning design.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in accessible course design, the application of digital technologies, and assessment through interactive and reflective sessions. Students will create digital learning artifacts that demonstrate what they learn through the course. Throughout the course, participants will develop their own personal learning environment to gather and critique resources, learning artifacts, and the creative output produced by participants in the course. The final part of the course features a collaborative learning design hack and symposium where students will share learning design solutions and models. Upon successful completion of the courses, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation awarded by Humber College, Canada.

What you’ll gain:

  • Apply the principles of networked learning to solve knowledge building issues relevant to your workplace context;
  • Select and apply appropriate digital technologies to the different ways people engage in learning;
  • Demonstrate instructional strategies appropriate for distributed, digital learning environments;
  • Design accessible learning experiences for a relevant educational/workplace issue;
  • Create a personal learning environment to facilitate networked learning.

This program is right for you if:

  • You work in any kind of knowledge building enterprise – whether in the public or private sphere;
  • You are new to online teaching/training and are looking for innovative approaches to the way learning is designed online;
  • You are looking to expand your awareness of the application of digital educational technologies – especially open educational resources;
  • You are looking to connect and network with peers and professionals in the field of learning with technologies.

What will I be able to do after this course?

  • Employ innovative instructional methods for online learning environments;
  • Design online networked learning experiences;
  • Select, analyze, and use digital technologies for a relevant learning experience;
  • Create a networked personal learning environment as the repository of your shared learning experiences.