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Participants of the #HumberGlobalChallenge were divided into 62 teams, and collaborated virtually on their research from 26 countries around the globe - guided by their dedicated mentors. Enjoy this gallery of highlights from the five-week challenge!


Some of our amazing teams connecting virtually to take a group photo!

Team 9

Team 9 - The Green Team

Team 14

Team 14 - Fantastic Fourteen

Team 18

Team 18 - Together for the Better

Team 20

Team 20 - Global Bridge

Team 36

Team 36 - One World Wellness

Team 38

Team 38 - Manifesto

Team 43

Team 43 - Mind Crusaders

Team 48

Team 48 - Worldwide Wolfpack

Team 50

Team 50 - Immunize Education

Team 51

Team 51 - L.I.F.E

Team 57

Team 57 - PRIMC


Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Kick-Off & Introductions

Kick-Off & Introductions

Creative Mindset Workshop

Creative Mindsets Workshop

Career and Professional Development Workshop

Career and Professional Development Workshop

Final Celebration

Final Celebration


While doing their research, participants bonded through virtual social activities like our Mini-Challenges, which engaged teams in fun and creative ways on a collaborative task, connecting them to different Humber departments. Here are just a few of the Mini-Challenge submissions we received from teams weekly.

Mini-Challenge One

The first Mini-Challenge was created by IGNITE. Teams were asked to use their creativity by imagining a team name that showed off how they would shape the future. Teams used their skills to highlight their team's voice, vision and passion.

Team 2 - Dream Team won the challenge with a thoughtful and original submission.

Team 2's logo with description

Team 2 - Dream Team

IGNITE's purpose is to help "unleash our potential" in the world. IGNITE provides many financial services, aids and huge job opportunities to help students explore their hidden potential. Therefore, we created our logo so that it shows our team's potential to reach the stars.

In Dream Team, we help each other in pursuing our dreams by becoming the best versions of ourselves, regardless of the countries we come from. By removing all the odds and differences, we can work together as a team to accomplish our impossible dreams.

Team 46 logo with description

Team 46 - The Pi-Thons

Hello everyone, We are team #46 called "The Pi-thons". Derived from the mathematical letter Pi and the programming language Python. As you all know that Pi is ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Pi remains constant (3.14) regardless of any changes in the diameter or circumference. This represents the strength of our team to be focused and not give-up to any challenges or changes. The team logo represents creativity, critical thinking and constant passion for learning represented by the Brian illustration in the logo.

Since the inception of this challenge and the introduction of our team we did not know each other. But in a matter of days we were comfortable in sharing ideas and working as a team. This challenge by ignite acted as an ice breaker hence we decided the theme of our picture to represent OPENNESS which is one of the things Ignite stands for. The picture also highlights the on-campus facilities ignite provides to all students aiming to provide spaces for students to study, socialize and relax.

Overall, we wanted the image to give a happy and positive vibe. Each of the characters is a well-designed personalized Bitmoji and hence represents the individual characteristics of each of our team members. Hope you guys like it and it brings a smile on your face.

Team 54 logo with description

Team 54 - V-MINDZ

Hello! We wanted to celebrate the diversity in our group, so we came up with the name V-MINDZ (Versatile MINDZ) which stands for Vietnam, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, New Zealand & Canada. Our vision is to see a world with better health and wellbeing.

Team V-MINDZ is passionate about racing the importance of mental health as it cannot be emphasized enough. Our team developed a crossword concept as it is one of the significant ways to keep the mind active and sharp. We aligned our vision with IGNITE's financial bursaries service because it supports students who have been financially impacted by COVID-19, and we understand how financial stress can affect mental health.

Team 28 logo with description

Team 28 - Resurgents

We rise and shine, even though we cannot meet in the real life. Humber and IGNITE have provided us a platform to keep communicate and learn together. Our team name indicates that we will rise again after facing difficult situations thereby challenging the odds. One big challenge during and post COVID-19 is finance due to the large recession that we are facing across the world. So together, we will rise and shine with our team members from Canada, Mauritius, Indonesia, Brazil, Jamaica and India. This can be represented in our team photo along with our earth.

Thanks to this challenge and IGNITE for providing us a platform where we can communicate and learn together.

Team 28 logo with description

Team 28 - FUEGO

We chose FUEGO as it's used as an expression for something "on fire" or "performing very well". Further, we were inspired by Ignite's soup bar -- a great cause that helps students in need to overcome food security. This can be used to represent our team as we strive to become change-makers on a global scale.

We are the new future. The question is: Can U take the heat?

Team 60 logo with description

Team 60 - COVID-19 Social Innovation Fighters

We wanted to combine both photo and logo, so you can see our team name and something about Ignite. We also wanted to show that no matter where we are or where we come from we are coming together for this project as a team!

Mini-Challenge Two

For the second Mini-Challenge, Humber's Office of Sustainability asked teams to be mindful of the environment. Teams reflected on the waste that is generated within their home and communities & found creative ways to showcase the issue of waste in the environment.

Winning team Team 48 - WorldWide Wolfpack is proud that they are doing the best they can. Small actions make a big difference!

Team 48 waste plan

Team 48 - Worldwide Wolfpack

"A campaign in Japan "Gominstagrammable" (Gomi means waste in Japanese) aims to change the opinion by decorating waste baskets and bags, making them appealing or "insta-worthy"" - Kojin

"We decided to refurbish our old table. Now it is a vintage instead of worn-out wood planks." - Amena

"One side is for recycling and one is for organic waste." - Harvinder

"We have three different bins at my house for organizing the waste." - Naman

"I did some tree planting with a group of social workers." - Jenny

"After seeing a lot of plastic waste at event a group of us decided to bring our own cutlery." - Shamayel

Team 35 waste plan

Team 35 - The Incredibles

Environmental ethics, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2015), is the field of studying philosophy that focuses on the "moral relationship of human beings to, and also the value and moral status of the environment and its non-human contents". Although it clearly says that ethics is the "moral relationship" between humans and the environment, people do not really realize that they have responsibilities even to the tiniest living creature alive. Take care of Mother Earth, so it can take care of us!

Team 60 waste plan

Team 60 - COVID-19 Social Innovation Fighters

This space used to be a place for two large garbage bins, but some people decided to turn it into parking spaces in this neighbourhood. Now the trash is thrown all over the place and it's all disorganized. The pandemic has also caused the recycling centres to close down, causing more waste.

Zero Waste Challenge:

  • Reusale bags
  • Wine bottle crafted into a vase
  • Bees wrap instead of a plastic wrap
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Natural source of light
  • Zero plastic bags
  • Zero wasting time
  • Zero pollution from non-reusable masks

Team 36 waste plan

Team 36 - One World Wellness

Ways To Be Resourceful:

  • Use an old T-shirt to turn into a pillow case.
  • Use a plastic water bottle for planting OR use a reusable bottle.
  • Use old boxes to store books.
  • Use old mason jars for jam storage.

Team 9 waste plan

Team 9 - The Green Team


One person can make a difference. Whilst a single human can have an impact, when individuals teamed up and support it whole-heartedly knowing that each individuals actions matter that's when the change really begins to happen. Collectively, our impact can be amplified. That's why team green are working together for the same outcome.

Team 33 and team 1 waste plan

Team 33 - Ment2Help

Team 1 - Global Assets

Mini-Challenge Three

For the third Mini-Challenge, Humber Galleries asked teams to re-create the "view from their window." Virtual teams from around the world united to create mini artworks that captured the world around them, contributing to a large collage.

Team 59 - UMBREYTINGU amazed the judges and other teams with their artistic work.

Team 59 drawings

Team 59 - Umbreytingu

"We are always viewing from our own to windows. Our eyes are the window to every soul, and the world. What differentiates one story from another is the perspective."

Team 8 drawings

Team 8 - The Breakers of the Business's Borders

Team 55 drawings

Team 55 - Homebound

Team 12 drawings

Team 12 - Dream Team

Team 52 drawings

Team 52 - Onyx

all pink teams images

We put all our participants' drawings together to create this fantastic mural of views from around the world.

Mini-Challenge Four

For the last Mini-Challenge, Humber's Centre for Creative Business Innovation asked teams to collaborate and create a Team Flag that symbolized their team's spirit. We hope that teams fly them proudly!

Winning team Team 20 - Global Bridge successfully "bridges" all team members from across the globe in their flag.

Team 20 flag

Team 20 - Global Bridge

Team 22 flag


Team 47 flag

Team 47 - WEB

Team 18 flag

Team 18 - Together for the better

Team 12 flag

Team 12 - Dream Team

Team 48 flag

Team 48 - Worldwide Wolfpack