Report a Life Event

Learn how to perform this action in the HRMS.

A Guided Learning (GL) flow exists for this lesson. To learn this lesson within the system, follow the steps below:

1. Log into HRMS and click on the GL widget.

2. From the GL widget, use the search box to find “Life Event Change – Birth of Adoption of a Child (Employee)” or “Life Event Change – Marital Status Change (Employee)”flow.


For detailed information regarding this lesson, you can also review the steps below which outline the process flow steps plus additional information.


Download the interactive deck to see how to navigate through the HRMS.

The purpose of this knowledge article is to show you how to record a life event.

1. Sign in to the HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click on ‘Benefits’. 

3. Click on ‘Report a Life Event’. 

4. Select a life event:

‘Birth or adoption of a child’ – Event can only be processed if it is within the past 31 days


‘Marital Status Change’ – Enter the date of your marital status change.

5. Click on the calendar icon to select the date the event occurred.

6. Click ‘Continue’ to submit the life event.

7. Click the Humber logo to return to the Springboard.

8. Click ‘My Benefits Enrolment Form’.

9. Your Benefits Enrolment Form will open in a new window. Please follow the instructions outlined on the first page, and email your completed form to complete your Benefits Enrollment process.