Submit a Time Card

Learn how to enter time in HRMS.

An Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) flow exists for this lesson. To learn this lesson within the system, follow the steps below:

1. Log into HRMS and click on the blue Guided Learning (GL) tab, located on the right.

2. In the GL search box, type “Submit a Time Card (Employee)”.

For detailed information regarding this lesson, please review the steps below which outline the guided learning steps plus additional information.

Do you have multiple assignments (contracts)?

If you are an employee with multiple assignments (contracts), it is imperative that you ensure you are entering time for the correct assignment when submitting your time cards.

Before you enter your hours in the HRMS, please refer to the Employment info section, to view your assignment details. The assignment details will help you determine which assignment you must enter time for. Note – time submitted against an incorrect assignment, may result in delayed or incorrect pay.

Managers & Delegates must also ensure that they are approving hours for the correct assignment number for their employees.

REMINDER: Appendix D, NFT Professors, Partial Load Professors, Clinical Instructors, Sessional Professors and CE Instructors are automatically paid for regular hours, please do not submit regular hours, as indicated in your contract, on the time cards.


1. Sign into Employee Direct Access (EDA) using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. On the springboard, click on  ‘Time & Absence’. 

3. Click on ‘Existing Time Cards’

Note: This page displays the time entries as entered, submitted, approved or rejected. 

Important: If you have multiple assignments (contracts), then please refer to the ‘Resources and Notes’ section below before proceeding to next steps.

4. To enter your hours, click ‘+’ sign (create).

5. A ‘Create Time Card’ window pops up. Click on the day of the week and click ‘OK’.

6. Select the ‘Assignment Number.’ 

Note: This page allows employees to enter time for multiple assignments (if applicable). For example, if you need to enter time for your second assignment, you can select the next row to add hours for that assignment. 

Visit this article for a step-by-step guide on how you can check for different assignment numbers 

7. Select ‘Payroll Time Type’. 

Note: This page allows employees to enter more than one different time type based on employee eligibility. For example, you can enter the regular hours on the first row, and any applicable exceptions on the next row. 

8. Enter the ‘Start’ and the ‘Stop’ times for the payroll time types entered

Important: Enter the time in the same format as this example: 3:45 PM

9. Click on ‘Next’. 

Note: Meal breaks will be automatically deducted and shown in the ‘Calculated Time’ area. Meal breaks will be automatically deducted (after 5 hours of continuous work, 30 minutes will be deducted, after 7 hours of continuous work, 1 hour will be deducted).

10. Click on ‘Submit’. 

11. Click ‘OK’. 

Resources and Notes


Click here to download the Time & Labour Calendar (iCalendar File).

Click here to view the Payroll Calendar which indicates the Time Submission and Time Approval deadlines.

Important reminder for Employees and Managers/Delegates who submit and approve time, for the next pay period:

  • Employees who submit their time* for approval need to submit their time cards within the HRMS every Friday by 2 p.m.
  • Managers and delegates who approve employee’s time within the HRMS, need to approve time every Tuesday by 5 p.m.

*Note – you must submit your time card in order for your Manager to approve them. Any time card left in a Saved or Entered status will not be available to managers for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time card?

A time card is used to record an employee’s hours worked.

Can I enter hours ahead of time within HRMS?

Although the system will allow time to be entered ahead of time, we do not encourage that practice as it may affect your time card approval and/or cause a payroll delay. Your manager will not approve time before the hours have been worked.

Will employees receive notifications to enter their time within HRMS?

No. Employees will not receive notifications to remind them to enter time. This functionality currently does not exist within the system. Employees who typically enter hours in order to be paid will be required to log-in to the HRMS and enter their time.

When are employees expected to enter time? On a daily or weekly basis?

Employees can enter time on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. They would be encouraged to only submit their time on a weekly basis which will provide the managers with a weekly notification for approvals.  Managers will need to inform employees not to click submit until end of the week.

What do start and stop times actually mean with reference to time entry? Does it account for meal breaks?

The start time is the time that an employee’s shift starts and the stop time is the time that the employee’s shift ends. Meal periods will be automatically deducted. According to ESA, a half hour is allotted after 5 hours of work and as common practice an hour after 7 hours of work. The system will show the deducted hours as calculated hours (it will show in the calculated time).

Will the managers/employees be able to enter hours remotely?

Yes, HRMS allows for time to be entered remotely.

Why are my Absence submissions showing up on my Time Card?

For Non-Full Time Employees, your paid and un-paid absence subsmissions are shown on your time card to inform you that you have an absence logged for a given day, in order to create awareness that you should not accidentally submit your time for that date, when submitting your time card.


Paid leaves are visible as an un-editable entries on your time card, whereas, un-paid leaves can be edited through the time card screen. Note – any changes to the unpaid absence submission from the time card screen will reflect the update in the HRMS Absence work area.