Review Payroll Cycles

Learn how to perform this action in the HRMS.


1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Payroll’.

3. Click ‘Checklist’.

4. Click ‘Search’.

5. Select ‘Payroll Process Flow Name’ displays.

6. Click on ‘Flow Pattern’ field dropdown.

7. Select ‘Pay Cycle’ and press ‘Enter’.

8. Select desired ‘Payroll Process Flow Name’.

9. Payroll Flow: ‘Payroll Process Flow Name’ screen displays.

 In The Task Section:

10. Click on ‘Preparation’. Click ‘Batch Upload’ and verify details:

Manage Batch Element Entries

Transfer Batch

Verify Batch

11. (a) Click on ‘Calculate’. Calculate Payroll pre-processes and verify details:

Verify Retroactive Events

Recalculate Payroll for Retroactive Changes

Verify Retroactive Results

11. (b) Click on ‘Calculate’. Calculate and Validate Payroll and verify details:

Click on ‘Calculate Payroll’

Verify Payroll Results

Run Gross-To Net Report

Run Payroll Balance Report

Run Payroll Activity Report

Verify Reports

12. (a) Click on ‘Payments’. Click ‘Calculate Payments’

Click on ‘Calculate Pre-Payments’

Click on ‘Verify Pre-Payments’

12. (b) Click on ‘Payments’. Click ‘Distribute Payments’

Archive Periodic Payment Results

Generate Cheque Payments (Parameter List displays)

Make Direct deposit Payments

Run Payroll Register Reports

Generate Pay Slips

Verify Pay slips

Run Payment Register Report

Verify Payments

12. (c) Click on ‘Payments’. Click ‘Reconcile Payments’

Transfer Payments Information to Cash Management

13. Click on ‘Accounting’. Click ‘Accounting Pre-processes’

Calculate Retroactive Costing

14. Click on ‘Accounting’. Click ‘Calculate Cost’

Click ‘Cost of Balance Adjustments’

Click ‘View Costed Results’

Click ‘Calculate Costing of Payments’

Click ‘Verify Costed Payments’

15. Click on ‘Accounting’. Click ‘Distribute Cost’

Click ‘Transfer to Sub Ledger Accounting’

Click ‘Review Draft Journal Entries’

Click ‘Review Final Journal Entries’

16. Click on ‘Statutory’. Click ‘Reporting’

Click ‘Run Statutory Deduction Register’ (download report)

Click ‘Verify Deduction Register’