Step 3

Fill a Requisition with an Unlimited Number of Openings

Lesson for full-time recruitment process

Learn how to fill a requisition with an unlimited number of openings within the HRMS. 


This knowledge article will show you how to fill a requisition with an unlimited number of openings.

1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’. 

3. Click ‘Recruitment’. 

4. Click ‘Recruiting’.

5. Click ‘Requisitions’ on the top menu.

6. Search the requisition using various filters available on the left-hand panel.

7. Click ‘Apply Filters’.

8. Click on the hyperlink title of the requisition.

9. Click on the number of Active Candidates on the left-hand side panel to display the list of applicants.

10. Click on the name of the candidate who has been hired.  

11. Click the More Actions’ drop-down. 

12. Select ‘Change Step/Status’. 

13. Under ‘New Step’, ensure ‘Hire’ is selected. 

14. Under ‘New Status’, select ‘Hired. 

15. Click ‘Apply and Close’.  

Note: If there are multiple hires, you can select them all at the same time to move them to ‘Hire/Hired’ only if they have the same start date. If they have different start dates, you must follow the steps above to move them to ‘Hire/HRIS’ one at a time.  

16. Click on the title of the requisition.  

17. Click the More Actions’ drop-down. 

18. Select ‘Fill’ 

19. Enter comments.  

 For example: “This requisition is filled since all Partial Load Professors for Spring Semester 2019 have been hired”.  

20. Click ‘Done’.  

Note: The status of the requisition will show as ‘Filled’