Create Job Requisition

Lesson for full-time recruitment process

If required follow the steps outlined below to create a job requisition.


With the implementation of the Human Resource Management System, there are some actions that will require support from HR to complete. These actions pertain to recruitment – Full-Time and Non Full-Time (NFT Contracts). You are required to add either the HR Coordinator or HR Generalist to your requisitions in order for HR to support you in completing your recruitment activities. Below you will find the listing for your reference as well as a screenshot of where on the requisition these additions need to be made.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the HR Support Centre.


Click here to view the list of HR Coordinators and Generalists who are supporting recruitment.

Click here to view the screenshot which shows where on the requisition these additions need to be made.



  • Prior to creating a requisition, managers must consult with their Dean or Director, Vice-President and HR Business Partner to discuss if any changes need to be made to the vacant position or job description. Details of these conversations must be added to the ‘Additional Information’ section when the requisition is created. In the case of overlapping incumbents in a position, managers must complete an ‘Overlapping Incumbent Form’ and attach it to the job requisition.  
  • There must be an existing requisition template in HRMS in order to create a requisition. If no requisition template exists, managers must contact their HR Generalist.  

1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’.

3. Click ‘Recruitment’. 

Note: A new window will open. If using Chrome, download Adobe Flash 

4. Click ‘Recruiting’ under Centers. 

5. Click ‘Create a Requisition’. 

6. Select the ‘Requisition Type’. 

7. Click ‘Next’.

8. Click the icon for ‘Open the Selector’ to select the requisition template. 

9. Use ‘Quick Filters’ to search for the requisition template and click ‘Select’. 

10. Click the icon for ‘Open the Selector’ to select the department. 

Note: You can also type the department name or number in the ‘Department’ field to select the department without opening the selector. 

Note: The department in this field is the organization from the FOAP. The department selected on a requisition should correspond with the organization from the FOAP, however the department (Org) selected on the requisition does not have an impact on where the salary is paid from. The department (Org) selected on the requisition will appear as the employee’s department on their employee record, but the employee’s salary will always be paid from the FOAP selected on the offer.

11. Use ‘Quick Filters’ to search for the department and click ‘Select’. 

12. Click ‘Next’. 

Note: The ‘Organization’, ‘Primary Location’ and ‘Job Field’ will auto-populate from the requisition template.

13. Click ‘Create’.

14. On the requisition, many of the fields are prepopulated. However there are still fields you need to complete, such as:

– Position Type 

Note: There are two ‘Position Type’ fields on the requisition. You must select the same value in both fields. The position type for Appendix D contracts will appear as ‘PT Support – Appendix D’ in the first field and ‘Appendix D’ in the second field.     

– Justification

– Position Number (complement number)

– Incumbent Being Replaced (if applicable)

– Department

Note: If the Department name is in the Requisition Title field, remove it so only the requisition title appears.

– Number of Openings

Note: The number of openings for full-time positions will always be 1.

15. Scroll down to view and complete other required fields.

Note: Department and Requisition Template populate automatically since you already selected them.

16. Select ‘Recruiter’.

Note: The Recruiter is the HR Generalist. 

17. Select ‘Hiring Manager’.

Note: Hiring Manager is the person the position reports to.

18. Select ‘HR Services’.

Note: HR Services is the HR Business Partner.

19. If there is a hiring manager delegate who needs access to the requisition, select them as the ‘Department Administrator’.

20. You can also add ‘Frequent Collaborators’. This may include other managers in the department who will be assisting with the recruitment process.

21. In the ‘Additional Information’ field, add details of the consultations between the hiring manager, their Dean or Director, Vice President and HR Business Partner.

22. For an Appendix D job, change the ‘Schedule’ to ‘Non Full Time’

23. Enter the ‘Duration of Need’ if it’s a contract job, such as an Appendix D contract. 

24. Enter the Deadline to Apply’.

Note: Job postings are posted for a minimum of 5 business days, however, please indicate the job posting date range if the job should be posted for longer than 5 business days.

25. The Compensation Information, Job Description, and Questionnaire are auto-populated from the requisition template. 

14. Review the details of the requisition and ensure that all information is correct, then click ‘Save and Close’.

Note: The status of the Requisition is now in ‘Draft’An ID number is generated for the newly created requisition.