Step 1

Reviewing and Approving an Offer

Lesson for non full-time recruitment process

Learn how to review and approve and offer within the HRMS.


This knowledge article will show you how to rescind an offer.

1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’.

3. Click ‘Recruitment’.

Note: A new window will open, logging into Taleo. If using Chrome, download Adobe Flash.

4. Click ‘Legacy Recruiting’ under Quick Access.

5. Click the drop-down arrow for ‘View the Search Options’.

6. Click ‘Requisitions’.

Note: The person icon will now change into a document icon.

7. Type in the name of the requisition or the requisition number in the ‘Search Requisition’ field.

8. Click ‘Enter’.

9. Click the number to the left of the requisition title to display the list of applicants.

10. Click on the name of the candidate you are reviewing the offer for.

11. Click on the ‘Offers’ tab to review the offer terms.

Note: Refer to the ‘Offer Matrix’ document which outlines which fields are required on the offer for each hire scenario type. You must ensure all required fields are completed correctly on the offer or the candidate will receive an incomplete or incorrect offer letter.

12. Click the ‘More Actions’ drop-down.

13. Select ‘Decide on Approval’.

Note: If you need to add an approver, select ‘Amend Approval Path’ instead and then click ‘Add Approvers’ in the bottom left corner to select an additional approver.

14. Select ‘Approved’ from the ‘Decision’ list.

15. Add comments in the comment box.

16. Click ‘Done’.

Note: The candidate’s ‘Step/Status’ will appear as ‘Offer/Approved’. The manager will receive an email indicating the candidate’s offer was approved.