Edit a Job Requisition

Lesson for non full-time recruitment process

If required – follow the steps outlined below to edit a job requisition.

New Steps

This knowledge article will show you how to edit a job requisition.

1. Sign into HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’. 

3. Click ‘Recruitment’. 

4. Click ‘Recruiting’.

5. Click ‘Requisitions’ on the top menu.

6. Search the requisition using various filters available on the left-hand panel.

7. Click ‘Apply Filters’.

8. Click the required requisition.

9. Click on the pencil icon against each sub-section of the requisition to edit that particular section, or click ‘Edit All’ to edit the entire requisition or any sub-section.

10. Click ‘Done’ when finished editing.

Legacy Recruiting Steps

This knowledge article will show you how to edit a job requisition.

1. Sign onto HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Talent Acquisition’.

3. Click ‘Recruitment’.

Note: A new window will open, logging into Taleo. If using Chrome, download Adobe Flash.

4. Click ‘Legacy Recruiting’ under Quick Access.

5. From the ‘Libraries’ dropdown select ‘Templates’.

6. Under ‘Quick Filters’, select ‘All Requisition Templates’.

Note: All jobs in HRMS exist as requisition templates. For NFT hiring, you will generally only need to edit existing templates, not create new ones.

7. Click ‘Advanced Filters’ on the bottom left.

8. Select one of the search options under ‘Available Criteria’.

9. Click on the title of the required requisition template.

10. Click the icon for ‘Change the type of requisition for this template’.

11. Select the required requisition type.

12. Click ‘Done’.

Note: You will see the selected requisition type in the left sidebar under ‘Requisition Type’.

13. Click ‘Edit’.

14. Select the ‘Position Type’ and select the ‘Status’.

Note: If the requisition template is going to be ready to use once you finish editing it, select the status as ‘Active’. If the requisition template is in the draft, leave the status as ‘Inactive’ until it’s ready to be used.

15. Under ‘User Group’, type in ‘Main Group’ and when it pops up, click on it to select it.

Note: There is only one user group so you will select ‘Main Group’ for all requisition templates.

16. Under ‘Structure’, click ‘Edit’.

17. Click the icon for ‘Open the selector’ to select the ‘Organization’, ‘Primary location’ and the ‘Job field’.

Note: For requisition templates for NFT hiring, generally you should not populate the primary location or job field on the template since these will differ for each faculty/department.

18. If you get a box that ‘Following the job, the organization and the location you selected, the candidate selection workflow was changed for one more appropriate’, click ‘OK’.

Note: This message pops up because of the system functionality, however, it shouldn’t have an impact on the requisition template.

19. Deselect the box for ‘When a candidate is hired for the requisition, automatically change his/her status to declined for all other requisitions’.

20. Complete the relevant fields under ‘Job Information’ and ‘Job Description’.

21. Click on ‘Save and Close’.