Submit an Absence Record on Behalf of an Employee on My Team with Multiple Assignments, Secondments or working as a Program Coordinator

Learn how to perform this action in the HRMS.


Please be advised – there is a Known Issue when executing this process.

Learn how to get around this issue.

 This knowledge article will show you how to create an absence record on behalf of an employee with multiple assignments.

1. Sign in to the HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click on the ‘My Team’ tab.

3. Click ‘My Team’.

4. Find the respective employee and click the three dots ‘(…)’ next to their name.

5. Click ‘Add Absence’.

6. Select absence ‘Type’ from the drop-down.

Note: Depending on the Absence Type selected, a ‘Reason’ may need to be included. Sample reasons for a sick leave may include “Care for immediate family,” and “Personal Illness or Injury”. 

7. Click ‘Edit Entries’.

8. Click ‘Add’.

9. Click the calendar icon to select the absence date.

Note: Duration will default to Full day. Click on the drop-down to select Half day, if needed. 

10. Click the ‘Business Title’ dropdown to select the correct assignment name.

Note: You must select the correct active assignment against the absence type submission. If the employee has multiple assignments, select the assignment for which you are entering the absence against.

11. Confirm the total absence duration is 1 day, and click ‘OK’.

Note: If you need to submit another day for the leave, repeat steps 8-10.

12. Select a Reason’ (if applicable*) from the dropdown menu.

Note: Please make sure the total days of the leave is accurate before you submit the absence.

* If you have an employee with multi assignments who is submitting a Paid Absence Request and have assignments with same name, for example – ‘Student Work-Work-Study-64****’ and ‘Student Work-Work-Study-64****’, then you must add the following details in the ‘Comments and Attachments’ section before submitting this absence request. 

Required information includes: Your Assignment #, Job details, Manager’s name and the Department’s name, you are submitting an absence for. To learn how to find this information, click here.

Failure to include this information prior to submitting an absence request may delay the approval process. 

13. Click ‘Submit’.